Interview Prep Course + Bonus: Offer Negotiation

Steer your career in the right direction with our comprehensive Ultimate Interview Prep Course. This self-guided course is designed to arm you with the knowledge and confidence to tackle any interview scenario effectively.

Dive deep into the intricacies of the interview process, learning the skills necessary to leave a lasting impression on potential employers. The course covers key areas including:

  • Crafting Your Elevator Pitch: Articulate your professional value proposition with precision and impact. Learn to create a compelling narrative that succinctly encapsulates your skills, experiences, and aspirations.

  • Handle Any Type of Interview: Equip yourself for success across diverse interview formats. Whether it's a traditional face-to-face, a panel discussion, or a remote video call, you'll be prepared to shine. PLUS: gain access to our proprietary Case Study Interview Guide that teaches you our PASSS framework!

  • Overcoming Objections: Turn potential challenges into opportunities. Master the strategies to address any objections or concerns, and confidently showcase your capabilities.

  • Securing the Next Step: Understand how to conclude an interview effectively, leaving a memorable impression and paving the way for the next steps in the hiring process.

  • Answer Any Interview Question: Gain confidence in your ability to respond to a wide range of interview questions. From common inquiries to unexpected curveballs, you'll be ready for anything.

BONUS: the course also offers a dedicated module on salary and offer negotiation!
PLUS! Gain access to our 20-page Interview Guide, case-study interview framework, and offer negotiation template!

Here, you'll learn how to handle the often daunting salary question and negotiate effectively to secure a package that reflects your worth.

Embark on your interview journey with confidence and clarity. Enroll in our Ultimate Interview Prep Course today, and unlock your potential to ace any interview.

What People Are Saying:

If you have a commitment to yourself to land that next great job in which you are well compensated you owe it to yourself to work with Kara. I had been unemployed for 18 months and had been actively looking for a job. I applied to over 200 positions, rewrote my resume more times than I can count to get past the tracking systems only to be frustrated, discouraged, and demoralized. I knew my worth yet could never land an interview. Within two weeks of working with Kara and utilizing Optimize Career Solutions’ system, I was landing networking interviews. More importantly, with Kara’s coaching I was having effective networking conversations with hiring managers. With Kara’s sharp strategic mind, she helped me reframe my role in the interview process from one of being powerless to understanding I am a partner in the interview conversation. Within five weeks I had a job offer. She readily shared her negotiation mastery that made it easy for me to negotiate for a complete compensation package. This made all the difference for me in accepting the job.


If your goal is to land your dream job in the shortest most efficient manner possible you need to partner with Kara. Her knowledge of the Recruiting and HR process is incredible. She is a rare talent and her skills do not come for free. However, I can honestly say that I recouped my investment many times over both in the time saved and in the salary increase that I secured in my new position.


I would like to take the opportunity and mention that the services Kara provides are on point if you are looking for your next opportunity. I went through some of her services and can assure they were extremely important for my successful achievement. I am fortunate for her services.


$177.00 USD

Before you go!

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This comprehensive course guides you on how to strategically utilize LinkedIn to find your dream companies and advocates within them. It empowers you to conduct a detailed audit of your current network to unearth potential advocates and teaches you how to reach out authentically and strategically to cultivate valuable networking calls and informational interviews.

The course also includes our comprehensive opportunity tracker and a networking framework to help ensure you're having effective and genuine calls.Plus, you'll learn how to develop a compelling elevator pitch.

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