The Networking Blueprint: Expand Your Network for Short- and Long-Term Success

Unlock the Power of Networking with 'The Networking Blueprint' Course

Embark on a transformative journey of professional advancement with our expertly curated 'The Networking Blueprint' course. This course is designed to equip you with the skills, tools, and strategies to effectively navigate and leverage the potential of professional networking.

Here's what you'll gain with 'The Networking Blueprint':

  • Identify Your Dream Companies: Unearth the tactics to tap into the power of LinkedIn and discover organizations that align perfectly with your career aspirations.

  • Find Your Advocates: Learn how to identify and connect with key individuals within your dream companies. Our course will guide you on how to build authentic relationships that can pave the way for your next career move.

  • Conduct a Network Audit: Use our unique strategies to review your existing network, helping you uncover potential advocates who can aid your career progression.

  • Strategic Outreach: Master the art of reaching out in a strategic yet personal way. We'll show you how to initiate and maintain conversations that can lead to valuable networking calls and informational interviews.

As part of this immersive course, you'll also gain access to:

  • Comprehensive Opportunity Tracker: Keep track of your progress and manage your networking activities effectively with our comprehensive opportunity tracker.

  • Proven Networking Framework: Prepare for and conduct successful networking calls with our proven framework, ensuring you maximize each interaction.

  • Connection Scripts & Sample Follow-Up Messages: Take the effort out of connecting and following up with our connection strategies, scripts, and sample follow up messages that have been proven to drive results!
  • Craft an Elevator Pitch: Stand out in your networking conversations by developing a compelling elevator pitch, encapsulating your professional narrative in a concise and engaging manner.

With 'The Networking Blueprint', you're not just learning networking - you're mastering the art of building meaningful professional relationships. Enroll now in this comprehensive, self-guided course, unleash the power of networking and advance your career.

What People Are Saying:

Very few people in this world can find a place for themselves where they can be a powerhouse of both professional expertise and real heartfelt empathy, digging into the details for immediate impact and zooming out to see the whole field to guide their business and their clients to long term success - Kara Dennison has done it. Optimized Career Solutions offers a course and program that can only be described as artfully curated to guide participants on a journey to both professional success and personal contentment. The program is grounded in her vast and exceptional professional experience and could stand on its own -- but she levels up by giving so deeply of herself through personal coaching, guidance, and support. She was wildly effective in guiding me through a job search journey that had previously felt impossible to me. She helped me to rewire negative thoughts, stop playing small and truly believe in myself. She forced me to face lies I was telling myself about my worth and my potential. And she did it all with kindness and genuine belief in me -- which finally transformed into my own belief in me. The tangible body of work she puts out into the world is of the highest quality for job seekers, arming them with skills for a lifetime. The intangible body of work she puts out into the world, just by showing up as her incredible self, is invaluable. I cannot recommend her highly enough.


I was introduced to Kara and the Optimized Career Solutions team by a colleague who successfully found a new opportunity using their services. After more than a year of trying to find the right opportunity myself, it took me less than 2 months to find something I thought was just a pipe dream. It was networking, as Kara said it would be, that got my name in front of my new employer, but I know that my new LinkedIn Profile and updated Resume helped me keep their attention. Had it not been for what Kara and team did to help me market myself and highlight my career I suspect my accomplishments and skills would have been overlooked. I used the interviewing techniques provided in the training videos. I used some of the wording provided word for word. Wording I wouldn’t have had the courage to use without that coaching.


If you have a commitment to yourself to land that next great job in which you are well compensated you owe it to yourself to work with Kara. I had been unemployed for 18 months and had been actively looking for a job. I applied to over 200 positions, rewrote my resume more times than I can count to get past the tracking systems only to be frustrated, discouraged, and demoralized. I knew my worth yet could never land an interview. Within two weeks of working with Kara and utilizing Optimize Career Solutions’ system, I was landing networking interviews. More importantly, with Kara’s coaching I was having effective networking conversations with hiring managers. With Kara’s sharp strategic mind, she helped me reframe my role in the interview process from one of being powerless to understanding I am a partner in the interview conversation. Within five weeks I had a job offer. She readily shared her negotiation mastery that made it easy for me to negotiate for a complete compensation package. This made all the difference for me in accepting the job. I enthusiastically endorse and recommend Kara and Optimize Career Solutions.


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