Gain Clarity & Overcome Mindset Barriers In Your Job Search

Take the reins of your career development with our transformative course, "Gain Clarity & Overcome Mindset Barriers In Your Job Search," led by industry experts Jack & Kara Dennison, SPHR.

This self-paced course is a comprehensive journey into discovering the ideal next steps in your career while breaking free from limiting beliefs that may have been holding you back. Designed to optimize your mindset during your job search, it equips you with the right mental tools and strategies to navigate the ever-competitive job market.

Our meticulously crafted course includes a series of informative videos covering a wide range of critical topics:

  • Shifting Limiting Beliefs: Learn how to identify and overcome self-imposed barriers that can impede your career growth.

  • Identifying Ideal Next Step & Life: Harness the power of clarity to pinpoint the ideal direction for your career and align it with your overall life goals.

  • Practicing Self-Care & Optimizing Mental Health: Recognize the importance of maintaining a healthy mental state throughout your job search. We share valuable tips on practicing self-care to keep you balanced and focused.

  • Dealing with Rejection: Learn to handle rejection constructively, using it as a stepping stone to future success rather than an obstacle.

  • Staying Motivated: Discover powerful techniques to maintain your motivation levels, even in the face of adversity or challenging job search phases.

  • The Power of Routines: Explore how establishing effective routines can contribute to maintaining consistency and efficiency in your job search process.

Whether you're a job seeker just starting your journey or an experienced professional seeking a career pivot, this course offers you the insights and guidance necessary to clear your path toward career success. Embrace the transformative power of clarity and an optimized mindset in your job search today.

What People Are Saying:

I hired Optimized Career Solutions after a layoff from a top company, a personal life event and COVID had kept me out of the workforce for over a year. Things had drastically changed since my last job search and looking for jobs was not what it used to be. Kara and her team guided me though my self doubt and Imposter Syndrome and helped me to see my true value, skills, and potential.


Very few people in this world can find a place for themselves where they can be a powerhouse of both professional expertise and real heartfelt empathy, digging into the details for immediate impact and zooming out to see the whole field to guide their business and their clients to long term success - Kara Dennison has done it. She helped me to rewire negative thoughts, stop playing small and truly believe in myself. She forced me to face lies I was telling myself about my worth and my potential. And she did it all with kindness and genuine belief in me -- which finally transformed into my own belief in me.


I highly recommend Kara, Jack and Optimized Career Solutions to anyone looking to elevate their career. Their expertise, personalized approach, and professionalism not only give you a refreshed set of career tools, they also imbed a new sense of confidence that makes it all well worth the investment.


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